This is Mike Rehm, Jeff DeRosa and myself prior to Mid-Winter Dinner.  Jeff and Mike are both good friends and you can find links to their web pages on my Web Links page


photo by Robert Schwarz

  photo by Robert Schwarz


This is your's truly sporting his mid-winter grimace!


Here is a copy of our first Mid-Winter celebration. I'm not exactly sure when the celebration started, but as you can see the flag is up backwards. More than half of us had been Boy Scouts and there was at least one Eagle Scout there (with the flag behind him).

When you zoom into the calendar on the right you can make out "JUNE" and the numbers run from left to right. Oh well !! 

One member of Amundsen's team was alive at that time and Paul sent a Mid-Winter Greeting telegram to him. You just have to wonder what he thought about that. 

Thanks again for the Greetings from the Pole and McMurdo.

Please forward this to the Pole and McMurdo.  Thanks.

 Congratulations to all.

 Cliff Dickey


This the first South Pole mid-winter celebration.


Notice the dog eating scraps along the side of the table?


Hello to everyone, and best wishes for MidWinterís Day! 

I realize you have been fed (quite well, from all reports) and rested (hopefullyÖ.) during this past weekend.  But I did want to send a message for the 21st and thank you all for the efforts youíve put forth this winter.  Admittedly I think about how glad I am to be home when I am able to see my family, go for a walk in the mountains, take the opportunity to go and do things on a whim.  However, I also look at the pictures of the auroras that have been sent north, I hear a story or two about the community activities, or someoneís experience particular to winter and I have to say that Iím a bit jealous, and will be of every winter crew through time.  There is something about the winter at Pole that you canít really explain to anyone who hasnít been there, and felt for themselves.  It may be something different for every person, but there is somethingÖ..it sticks with you and sets you a little apart. 

I am happy that you have the opportunity to find your ďsomethingĒ.  Iím also incredibly appreciative that you are there keeping the place running, moving ahead with projects, letting us know what we need to do on occasion, and just generally taking care of business.  Thank you all for all that you do, and for taking care of each other.  Please know that it is indeed recognized, even though we donít say it enough.

I hope everyone looks forward to the remaining months, as we count down the planning season here; and the winter thereÖ and start to approach that frenetic time of opening, turnover, hellos and goodbyes.  It will happen so fast, and yet sometimes seem so slow in coming.  Just like everything at Pole, a study in contradictions.  

Thank you again for your dedication, for keeping your good spirits, and for dealing with our constant questions.  Celebrate the day, and look forward to the sun!

 Take care of yourselves, and each other,



BK Grant is our South Pole Project Director (or something like that)


Mid-Winter Greetings to All,

I am Patrick D. "Rediron" McCormick, an Antarctic veteran of Deep Freeze I and II. I am a plank owner of USN Mobile Construction Battalion "Special" (Seabees), the all volunteer battalion that began the construction of McMurdo Station. I wintered there with ninety-two others in 1956 and was a member of the twenty-four man construction team that began construction of the first South Pole Station from late November 1956 through early January 1957.

I remember thinking while there, "Weíre half done, itís only about three months until sun up and all the good things that come with it." However, I just donít have the same sense of excitement now (please forgive me). As I sit in my recliner in my air-conditioned house, because itís 85 degrees outside, the sun rises every morning, sets every evening and I watch the birds and animals running through the green grass and trees, I donít have anything better to look forward to. How spoiled am I?

I want to emphasize that none of us, upon starting this whole shebang in late Ď55 with the help of a great number of support personnel, who wintered in Ď56 or began construction at the pole in Ď56 ever thought we were doing anything extraordinary or heroic, we were just a bunch of Seabees doing what Seabees do. All those who followed, including all of you, have endured hardships and triumphs as well and should be very proud of their accomplishments.

I wish you all good luck through the remainder of the season, I hope you have or have had a great party. Happy Mid-Winter Night to all!

My Best Regards,




This was a mid winter greeting sent from South Pole Station in 1977.  There was no such thing as a JPEG back then.

Notice the punch tape attached in the top right corner?  I used to send the same communications from Mazatlan to Goddard back in 1991.

Photo compliments of Bill Spindler 


From: MCM-NSF Station Manager
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 3:42 PM
Subject: Mid-Winter Greetings from McMurdo Station (USA)


Mid-Winter Greetings from McMurdo Station,

The Winter-overs of McMurdo would like to extend a warm greeting to all other Antarctic stations and everyone below 60 South.  May you all have a festive Mid-Winter celebration and enjoy the remainder of your Austral winter.  Even though many of us are separated by vast distance we are brought together by the experience of sharing this winter season in Antarctica.  For the rest of you on the other side of the equator we hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer. 

We will be celebrating our Mid-Winter dinner on June 17th this year, a couple of days prior to Winter Solstice.  If you are in the area we invite you to drop in and share our dinner.  No reservations are required, but please dress semi-formally.

For those interested I've attached a menu and our Mid-Winter greeting card.

Best wishes,

William Henriksen, NSF Station Manager, McMurdo (USA)

e-mail nsfstmgr@usap.gov